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Multidisciplinary congress with international participation

will be held in Zagreb, hotel Dubrovnik

from 9th to 11th of May 2024.

About Us

Our association is committed to advancing knowledge and expertise in the field of hemostasis, coagulation disorders, and perioperative management of bleeding patients. We have successfully undertaken various initiatives to achieve our goals, including the creation of online educational content, organization of professional and scientific meetings, online seminars, lectures, symposia, and congresses, as well as the development of courses related to the activities of our association.

We actively seek collaboration with other health, professional, scientific, and teaching organizations to broaden our impact and reach. Through our initial activities with HDARIM - Croatian Society of Anesthesiology, resuscitation, and intensive care medicine, we have established an ongoing partnership which lead to the formation of CroPBM.

We contribute to the development of recommendations and standards related to hemostasis, coagulation disorders, and perioperative management. For example, at the symposium Coagulation days 2024 we will present the Croatian national guidelines for management of peripartum hemorrhage developed through interdisciplinary collaboration of experts during Coagulation days 2023.

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